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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We stopped in Waco for two reasons. To see the Branch Davidian Massacre site. I was about 11 years old, Jai 5 when this happened. Regardless of your views on ANYTHING, standing where this occurred is sure to make you think. The other is Magnolia Market. I’ll say it again, do not stop here if you’re in the area, or you do. It just wasn’t our thing. Waaaay too commercialized and a “wait time” of 2 hours for the bakery? Chip. Joanna. Not impressed. Silos were neat though.

Ok. AUSTIN. It’s Wednesday night and...

By popular vote we are leaving Texas in the dust earlier than we had planned. It turns out the mysterious, romantic, cabin like air bnb we rented for Jai’s birthday was more dungeonesque than we...ok I had liked. Jai didn’t mind it too much, but I was legit scared to close my eyes in that house. My loving wife stayed up with me as long as she physically could. Loud noises and rodents with long tails (not of the animated kind) do not bring back happy memories. Though, we did get to enjoy a day of Austin. The downtown area, and the SoCo district. Austin is super gay friendly. Actually everything friendly. Except hate. No hate allowed. Food & street art were the two things we wanted to tackle while in the city and we indeed did both. The most current art installation in the East César Chávez District, is known as "the heart of the east side.”  The installation includes 11 heart-shaped creative installations spread throughout the East César Chávez Business District. These installations serve to honor the community, which is home to rich cultural heritage and strong entrepreneurial spirit and all were done by local artists.

I don’t need your sympathy I need your empathy -Rachel Dickson (local artist)

During our stroll down Congress, We sipped on margarita’s from Joann’s fine foods, and grabbed a cheese slice from Home slice pizza. On our way out of town we grabbed bbq from La Barbecue (insanely good) & coffees from Se-tan. These few good places are personal recs from Top Chef’s and Arlo Grey’s Kristen Kish. Honorable mentions are a cheesesteak from RIBS and tacos from Paco’s tacos. BUT, the experience at Paco’s is the talk of the night! Even miles away, our friend Dana figured out a way to send us Margaritas for Jai’s birthday! This made Jai so incredibly happy. Thank you Dana! Ask us about #assholeshaveborders

We are heading to Arkansas...Little Rock (I think. We think it’s Wednesday, we think we have all four dogs) just kidding! We’re both just so tired. We won’t be there long before we head to Memphis for almost two weeks. During that time we will sit down and write an entry about the past month and all of the challenges we have faced.

Love & Peace

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