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Tumbleweeds are a real thing. There are PVC pipe crosses all along the county roads, lots of desertion, an occasional silo, windmill and lots of pump jacks.

We were a bit apprehensive about coming to Texas especially during an election annnnnd football season but it has been just fine thus far. We stopped for two nights in Amarillo at a Hipcamp. Our host was super nice and the site was on several acres of farm land which had an elk refuge. We pretty much relaxed for those two days with the exception of driving on THE Route 66 and visiting Cadillac Ranch (an art installation) something I have been wanting to see for a long time. Gus became a street artist overnight and spray painted her name for the entire world to know “Gus was here”. Jai is continuing to find different ways of working out. She’s definitely needing to improvise lots with pulls ups etc. The girl is getting it done though.

We just left Cedar hill state park. about 20 minutes outside of Dallas.

I’m writing this update on our way to Austin and ten minutes into our drive Jai was stung by a bee. What a mess. She’s ok and up to date on her tentanus.

On our first day in Dallas, we visited the site of JFK’s assassination, and his memorial.

Something very humble and Spartan...a memorial for one whose remains lie elsewhere.
A place of quiet refuge an enclosed place of thought and contemplation separated from the city around, but near the sky and earth.

- Philip Johnson architect.

After our walk around Dealey Plaza, we landed at Dallas farmer’s market where we planned on only grabbing some Texas raised meat (which we did) but the butcher then guided us to a lunch spot (Beyond the Butchers) where Jai had a lamb burger and I, yes had a cheesesteak and it was delicious. The owner Desiree was a kind, genuine, happy female Army Veteran from Nebraska who introduced us to something new! Pickle juice makes ANY beer a sour. Since I make my own pickle juice and not everywhere serves sours, this was game.changing.

Over the weekend we checked out Bishop Arts district and the upper side of Dallas. We listened to live music for the first time in months, and got to appreciate a side of Texas we didn’t anticipate seeing. A gentle, humble, diverse side.

On Sunday we found a sports bar called the Nodding Donkey to watch some football. Being born and raised in Philadelphia I know a thing or two about passion for sports, as does Jai being an FSU alum. We expected the same sort of passion from their fans. There was not, and we were so baffled by it. There was such a mixed crowd of fans, with the Cowboys fans being outnumbered.

Texas, you talk a BIG game but really you’re just a big soft teddy bear. Oh, and we mailed in our ballots.

Stopping in Waco...

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