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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

We have a few days until we embark on our Atlantic coast adventure so we are indulging in as many good eats as the area has to offer. Our taco Tuesday restaurant of choice is El Tucan in Merritt Island. Everything is FRESH! The margaritas are good, service is on point, and nothing on the menu has yet to disappoint! A couple weeks back I wore my Biden/Harris shirt for no other reason that the obvious, it’s tie dye, and I’m proud, and well it was PRIDE! I was approached by a few locals saying “I love your shirt” “cool shirt” but the overwhelming feedback I received was “you have balls wearing that shirt in Brevard county“. I get it’s a small, fishing (red) town but in a nutshell that is Florida and that sucks! As an individual I have many layers but none of my layers spew hatred. I had no premeditated feelings of any kind by wearing the shirt. Needless to say that won’t be the last time the shirt is worn.

By being on a Military base it has brought back some feelings that I can’t necessarily say are always pleasant. While it has it perks of the exchange, commissary and cost of living I think keeping the Military at arms length is best. We have met some interesting people. A select few who we will keep in touch with once we leave here.

I failed to mention in our last post that we rescued a baby raccoon. His mama abandoned him and we were able to find someone in the area that rehabilitates raccoons. Ozzy has been with her for about 6 weeks and is making progress. She has hopes to release him back into the wild once he becomes strong enough. We are pretty sure the pups are excited for our next adventure. Our first stop is Parris Island. Jai and Gus get to see where the Marine in me was made. We will only be there for a short time before we head to Charleston, SC! We will check in with you all then!

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