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Our time in Colorado

...wasn’t a total bust. To update you on our date night out to Four by Brother Luck, it was outstanding!!! Finally, we have gotten the farm to table experience we’ve heard so much about. Because of COVID, we made the very first available dinner reservation which was at 430, so we had the entire place to ourselves. That in itself is the ultimate date night experience. We both opted for the 4 course tasting menu, and started off with a glass of red.

From the appetizers, to the main course, to deserts was perfect. I ordered the pork tenderloin, and ate the pork tenderloin. CLEANED MY PLATE! This is huge for me. Jai ordered the namelaka, which Brother Luck made on his season of Top Chef. I think we both were enjoying the night so much that we could have started for another glass of wine, but we had to drive a little over an hour back to our site.

The vibes which we sent out to the food gods must have been received because from that point on we seemed to find good eating. Hops & Pie, while the service simply sucked the pizza was so SO tasty. We had a Detroit style pie with chorizo, basil, fresh mozzarella, and blackberry bbq sauce! Jai enjoyed a...s l o w pour Pilsner in an Art Deco glass. That was cool.

Saturday was another long day of hiking. We took the pups to Rainbow falls and Garden of the Gods. Rainbow bridge has restricted itself to having visitation hours because of the “vandalism” that occurs. In our eyes, and many others, it’s art and it’s what draws those to the bridge. Some may think if you‘ve seen one rock formation, you’ve seen them all. Nope. They are all individually unique, beautiful and tell a story. Gus was an absolute trooper and outlasted her counterparts. She climbed those rocks as if vertical limit was her middle name. Everyone is pretty good about wearing a mask here. I guess having a mandatory mask mandate helps with this. Oh, and speaking about current laws, or regulations. There is a state wide fire ban because of the wild fires. Not everyone is abiding by this, and continuing to have camp fires. Also, it only took us to day 10 to remember that water takes longer to boil at elevation! We just didn’t understand why the percolator was taking so darn long. Thanks Top Chef Colorado! Jai had been a bit hesitant on trying land-locked sushi but I did a bunch of research and apparently I found THE place to go. She enjoyed every bit of it, even more so than lots of other sushi places she has eaten at. Other honorable mentions are a heavy metal brew pub. TRVE Beer was mediocre, but we could get down with the vibe. We woke up to hot air balloons in the air just about every morning, and at night we spotted mule deer. Those are just regular deer, just with bigger ears. Overall during our time here, it doesn’t seem to be too LGBTQ friendly and that just means we all have more work to do.

We move on to Texas on Tuesday where we will spend Jai’s birthday and will be there until October 20. From there we go to Arkansas, Memphis, Raleigh NC, Jacksonville NC, Myrtle Beach where we will spend Thanksgiving with family friends, Charleston, then back to Florida for a short stint before we head up to the Poconos for Christmas/New Year’s.

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