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Good ol’ boys, keep on Trump’n, make liberals cry again, f&@k your feelings. These are all flags flown in Arkansas. Needless to say we didn’t stay very long at Quarry Cove. It didn’t help that we had zero service. Thanks Verizon for the nationwide coverage. Oh, and on our way out, we spotted a Red Wolf which are on the endangered species list. We are now safely planted in Memphis. T.O. Fuller State Park is beautiful and has been welcoming. The girls have plenty of space to play, Jai is figuring out ways to work out. She does have a 30lb dumbbell and a 10lb kettlebell. She’s also been utilizing the camp playgrounds, but unfortunately not many have had monkey bars for pull-ups. Jai turned 33 yesterday and while it wasn’t the birthday celebration I’d exactly plan for her I think she had a good day. We attempted to visit the Civil rights museum, but was distracted by a woman who has been peacefully protesting the site of MLK jr’s assassination for the last 33 years. Her aim is to relocate the National Civil Rights Museum and establish the Lorraine Motel as a living testimony to Dr. King’s dream. While we may not have agreed with everything she said, she sure as heck gave us a shit ton to think about. It was an engaging, constructive conversation. Read all about Jacqueline Smith. We met a local artist while chatting with her, and grabbed some coffee with him. After, we walked Beale Street where we listened to some blues, then headed over to Central bbq for local goodness. Will the world in its current state of chaos and sadness be experienced only by us, the present day humans? OR. Is this the new normal? Is this the new existence for future generations to come? Virtual learning, curb-side pickup, limited hours, alcohol service only where food is served, boarded up windows, temporary/permanent closures of small businesses. Send us messages. Let us know your thoughts!

As promised here are some challenges we are facing along the way. The pups are amazing, but they are individually needy. Juno being our newest rescue is a work in progress. She’s made huge improvement in 6 months but she’s learning. She‘s learning her new humans, her new pack and how we all operate. She’s becoming comfortable growing into herself which is awesome and rewarding but in a tiny space can be frustrating. Sammy is a tiny, misfit, circus Boston terrier who wants attention all of the time but seems to be the last one to get it. She is highly protective of her sisters. Individually and from one another. Nala is 40lbs and wants couch time all.of.the.time. She doesn’t realize she’s not the size of Gus or Sam. Gus. She’s on her own darn program. Gus not only runs the show. Gus IS the show. We seem to have laundry and cooking down. We do have a 2 burner stove, grill, and toaster oven. Challenge us to make a meal in tiny living! Jai is going to attempt to make her pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned. We make sure we always have electric/water hookups, but sewer isn’t as easy to come by. If we are staying at the park for more than 3-4 days than that means we have to move the entire trailer and go dump our tanks. The worst part about this. BACKING IN. We both try to make improvements, but it never fails, we argue every.single.time. “Left, right, straighten it out, left Jai, left“ “I’M TRYING.” Overall, the downsize from 3,000 sqft to 172sqft is going just fine. We have what we need. Nothing more, nothing less. We are enjoyinghaving virtual happy hours with our friends/family. We will be in Memphis until the 30th then onto North Carolina for Halloween, the election and Thanksgiving.

onto the dog park...

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You girls are awesome. Miss you and love you💛

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