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HI there!

It’s been about six months since we‘ve checked in with you all and there’s been lots of change! The last you knew is that we decided to settle down in a home in Asheville NC. Unfortunately, Annie (our home) was not what we needed or wanted her to be. While she was perfect in so many ways, sadly she just did not work out for us. We were blessed to have three good months in Asheville where I volunteered with a homeless organization, Jai coached CrossFit, we explored the mountains, breweries, food, art and so many other wonderful things the city has to offer. We plan to visit before the end of the year to explore more and to visit with our friends the Baurer’s. We did end up receiving multiple offers on the house. While we did not accept the highest offer, we chose a young, single, first time home buyer who we know will appreciate, and care for the home and neighborhood as we would have. We closed at the end of April and made our way down the east coast.

We arrived at Patrick Space Base in May, and will be here a bit longer while I am recovering from surgery. (ALL IS WELL!) We have reconnected with friends who are dear to us and have just been enjoying being back at the beach. While this will be our home base, our adventure will continue. We, as a family unit (2 humans, 4 dogs) grow best by traveling and exploring. It’s a simple life, a blessed life that we live. One in which our life experiences brought us to live it together. We have upgraded our travel trailer from 21’ to 36’ and call it our Spirit of Adventure. For all of you Disney fans, you’ll get the reference. If you don’t, well, look it UP.

In other news, Gus is officially a teenager. She now wears a set of pearls and wears them well. We went through a little scare with her while in Asheville but ALL IS GOOD. Juno has made huge improvements, and has come into a personality of her own! Nala has gained the Corona 15 and Sammy is still Sammy.

Enjoy some photos of the last few months!

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