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GUS the female boston terrier

The struggle is real. I know. That sounds so cliche, and although I've struggled immensely during my 40 years, I'm realizing I never really felt the true meaning of it until now. I had the courage to write a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including my life. While I am proud of my accomplishments during my time of service, I hold the Marine Corps responsible for a vast amount of my struggle, and loss. However, without it I would have never had the most magical thirteen and half years.

Gus. She's the magic. She's the reason for my being. She gave me years of magical tools to work with so that I'd be ok when she left the world. Most days though, I don't know how to be me without her. You died on a Tuesday, one day after your 13 1/2 birthday. I feel like you told me you were ready with your big brown "Mama I love you" eyes. AND I told you that's ok. That I will be ok. That I will always be your Mama. You were tired Gus, but I made sure you had all of your favorites, and tasted all the things. You have touched so SO many lives my girl. You were my service dog, but you were at service to everyone you met. You define selfless, you are love.

Tomorrow is two months since you physically left this world and in my heart I truly believe that we reached our state of Nirvana with the bond we have. I look forward to day we see each other my girl and then we will continue our adventure.

Thank you to all of her humans for the continued support.

I love you Mama's good girl. Mama's pretty girl. Mama's best girl.

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Beautifully said. Gus will always be right there in your heart. I’m always proud of you.


Angela Mitchell
Angela Mitchell
Dec 17, 2021

Gus! She was the best for sure ❤️❤️

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