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Days in to the new year...

Hi there family & friends, it sure has been a minute since we’ve checked in with you all. We spent a socially distant Christmas up in the Poconos with Mama. Our niece Olivia joined us for a few days which were so incredibly special. We also stopped to see Alyse and Nathan on our way down south. The time spent with them was so nice, and much needed. It’s a new year, the world is still chaotic, adults are still acting like children, and children are maturing more rapidly because of this pandemic. It’s a sad world all around. But, we are still here with our pups doing the best that we can.

I’m going to take the next few moments to express my thoughts and feelings on events that have unraveled over the past few months. I am a Marine. I am a woman who has raised her right hand in defense of the constitution. I am a Veteran who wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including my life. I did not vote for Donald Trump in the first election, nor in the second, but he was still the President, still the Commander in Chief. I have kept my head down, and my mouth shut these past four years. Now, the time has come to voice my thoughts and move on.

Need I remind you, while we will accept your thoughts in return, none of this is up for debate. This is simply my opinion, this is our blog.

Being discharged under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy was a blessing in disguise. This past December 7 would have been 16 years in the Corps, and am happy that I did not wake up having to put on my uniform to serve under him. However, being a Veteran hasn’t been the easiest either. The first many years after my discharge I was still completely committed to the Corps even though I was rejected by them as a branch. After hard work which involved rehabilitation, medications, hospitalizations, isolation, strain on relationships, spiritual guidance, holistic approaches, etc. I have finally found my self worth. My Marine Corps service is always something I will be proud of, but the policy that since has been repealed did me a favor, and it is because of Congressman Patrick Murphy that I have my rightfully earned benefits. I earned the title of United States Marine, and I will always uphold the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. I do not believe that violence is the first and only answer. I believe in peace and inclusion. We preach about freedom, freedom of speech etc but Americans by far are the hypocrites when it comes to beliefs and rights. Donald Trump represents a party that encourages racism, hate, discrimination. Not even during the civil war did the Confederate flag make it inside the Capitol. He may have kept us out of the Middle East, but we are on the brink of a war right here at home. Attitude reflects leadership and the American people are a direct representation of their leader. During our travels, we encountered a situation where my wife and I were warned about coming into Trump “territory” and that our “BE KIND TO ALL“ sign “should” be ok but we may want to rethink hanging it up. This person does not know of my/our party affiliation but one can only assume it’s because we are a lesbian married couple. This is the overall attitude of the American people and I do not condone it. It terrifies me that many of my fellow brothers and sisters are acting with such low morals. It also saddens me to hear family, friends bully us leftists, us liberals because of our beliefs. As a gay woman, as a gay couple, in addition to our LGBTQ allies, our rights are in question EVERY FOUR YEARS. Not only our beliefs are bullied or in question but just who WE ARE. I struggled for the longest time because I was a gay Marine. Gosh, which party am I? A conservative? A liberal? Who am I? As a liberal, civil and human rights are always in question, along with equality. Being Gay, being a liberal is NOT a choice. I am fighter, I will fight, I have fought, and I will continue to fight for my/our rights.

I will end by saying make time to be kind. In a world where lots of things are cancelled, love is not.

We did hit 100 days in our travel trailer but we have decided to plant our feet in a place where love, peace & kindness is felt stepping out the front door each morning. Even in the winter, during a pandemic it’s felt driving throughout the city, walking down the street. DIY signs of optimism, encouragement and happiness are spread throughout town. While we live in a world where so many shitty things occur, we have chosen to live in a place where people want to help, want to make change, and that place is Asheville, NC. We closed on a home in West Asheville and are settling in just fine!

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Beautifully said my Marine, my Daughter, my Erica Leigh💛


Angela Mitchell
Angela Mitchell
Jan 12, 2021

This is great ladies! Such a well written piece. Congrats on laying down roots in NC.

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