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Bye, bye Memphis

Memphis. You treated us well. Jim Strickland, the Mayor of Memphis is very much implementing the highest of restrictions possible for his city during this pandemic. While we didn’t get to experience much of your music or museums we sure as heck enjoyed your food. Hattie B’s, Young Avenue Deli, Gus’ fried chicken, Muggin coffee house, Central BBQ. All of the foods!! It rained the last 6 or so days we were there so that gave us time to catch up on much needed rest, time with the pups, laundry and time to just enjoy our tiny space. Memphis is so close to Mississippi, we decided to cross state lines to do our laundry. We are glad we did because we found this cute, locally owned coffee shop. Central Coffee. We chatted it up with the owner about her message of community & coffee. On another rainy day, we drove to Cooper-Young, a funky neighborhood with tons to do. Super cute. We stopped for coffee where we met two super cool, intelligent local dudes, one of which hopes to be living the van life in the next couple years. We stopped in Burke’s book store which was established in 1875! We could spend hours in places like this. After, we stopped for pizza at Aldo’s and that’s where we had the house made limoncello. Delicious. Oh, and so were the garlic knots and pizza. Jai winterized our windows. It’ll be dipping into the 30’s as we head to North Carolina. T.O. Fuller State Park was beautiful, welcoming, the sites were perfect and there is plenty to do! We will definitely be back in due time.

We got to Asheville on Friday night. We explored a bit yesterday. Hiking, art, music, breweries, wineries, street performers, puppies. ALL THE THINGS! Stay tuned!!

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