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We start our journey at Watson Mill State Park in Oglethorpe County, Georgia and the Georgia Guidestones also sometimes referred to as an "American Stonehenge" We plant our feet there for about 4 days. Nashville, where we will eat (take out) our way through for 72 hours. Mark Twain State Park in Missouri for 3, Kansas for 2, and onto to Colorado at Chatfield State Park for 2 weeks! We were debating on whether to go Northwest up to Oregon, continue West or stay more South. Considering all things we decided on Texas. A quick visit to the red state to eat some Texas bbq and set our eyes on Austin street art before the election is what we have in mind. We’d like to be around more like-minded people for Election Day. I recall the night of Obama’s second term election night we held an election party in anticipation that he’d be re-elected. That election was important on so many levels. LGBTQ rights specifically.

The Happy Optimist Map

If you are following us on our journey and have any recs, just give us a shout. We will be checking in weekly if not daily about the food we ate, the (masked) people we met, the souls we touched and the lands we walked.

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