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Kon Kya Hai General Knowledge Book In Urdu Free Download 2022




How to write a book? Now it has become much easier. Come to our office. Our partner will explain you how to write a book. This book is for students who want to learn the general knowledge about our country, as well as the present topics of discussion. Ansokan Kya Hai? A country book - Kya Hai-The voice of India. There are ten general Knowledge books for school students. This book gives easy to follow steps to the students to cover the ten topics of General Knowledge. General knowledge books are an easy and quick way to learn general knowledge. It is a great source to learn the basic facts about our country. We all have been taught that a country is governed by the people and not by the rulers. This is a voice for the people, this is a voice for our youth, this is a voice for every citizen of the country. How to write a book? It is not rocket science. A good background, a pen and paper is all you need. Open the book. Read the contents page. The first page is about the Author. Read the contents page again. Read the key words, which are (a) Subjects, (b) Topics, (c) Authors. Read the Contents again. The next page is about the Introduction and the List of Contents. Continue reading the book. Read and decide. Read and decide



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Kon Kya Hai General Knowledge Book In Urdu Free Download 2022

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