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Movie Browser is a program that will help you deal with your movies. It will allow you to quickly organize all your media files on your own hard drive and it will provide a great way to handle videos and movies. Highlights of Movie Browser • Create a folder, organize your files and videos, drag them to the desired spot. • Move, delete, copy and rename files in a secured way. • View the thumbnail of the files. • Convert and rename all your videos. • Add custom icons to your movies and subfolders. • Manage video and image properties. • Optimize videos and process image files with various options. • Adjust sound levels and speed. • Record a timeline of your movie’s screen and press a button to save it to your hard drive. • Adjust the size of the movie window. • Optimize and speed up the playback of your movie. • Fullscreen mode available. • Sort your files by date. • Set the sorting option for your movies and subfolders. • Adjust the backlight and darkness of the screen. • Adjust the volume of sounds, images and movies. • Display the genre of each movie. • Configure your own rating system for all your movies. • Customize all your sorting options. • Manage your movie and subfolder notifications. • Apply the same icon to your movies and subfolders. • Play back the selected file in media player directly from Movie Browser. • Use your portable devices as USB memory sticks. • Archive and display the ID3 tag of your media files. • Create playlists in XMMS media player. • Add labels to your files. • Import and export tabular data. • Add a custom description to each file. • View the OS of your file. • View different information about your files. • View the color of any file. • View file size. • Adjust the mpeg-4 video settings. • View the IMDB or DVD-DB movie database. • Listen to your movie with one click. • Open your media files from Movie Browser. • View detailed information about your media files. • Search for movies according to the VOB of your DVD’s or Blu-ray movies. • View the length of your video files. • Insert your CD, DVD or your movie collection into this software a5204a7ec7

A big disappointment, Movie Browser is one of those programs that's fit for nothing, really. First, the program isn't really usable. The interface is more like a wall of small icons on the desktop. You can download files and watch movies by highlighting them, but there's no context and no way to do anything with them. Next, the file system is badly organized and there's no way to add folders. There's also no way to select files or view a directory structure. It also doesn't seem to be optimized for quick searches, but rather for uploading files from the hard drive. Nevertheless, it comes with a bunch of file browsers, which only show filenames and do little to nothing. In fact, there's no way to view any details about a single movie or any of its metadata. Additionally, it doesn't support drag and drop, so there's no way to add subtitles to a video (or any other). It also doesn't support batch processing, which means you have to click on each file separately. There's also no way to set the playback speed, so you'll have to wait a long time before any file finishes. Furthermore, it also doesn't keep track of the total playing time for each file, which is a big flaw. It's a simple thing, but the file browser tool should at least be able to display the info of the files in folders, so that you can see if they're what you were looking for. You shouldn't even have to right-click to see any details, really. Pros: There's nothing really great about this program, but it's the most basic and clean of all the file browsers we reviewed. Cons: There's no way to add folders, so file locations are hard to organize. File browser is limited and only displays the filename. The file browser comes with no settings, so you're unable to adjust the playback speed or any other options. Drag and drop isn't supported, so you'll have to click on each file separately. No metadata is supported. It doesn't have a trial version, which means that it's hard to review it before buying. Movie Browser is an application for viewing movies and subtitles with metadata, rating and cover art. The application has a clean and well-designed interface, so it's very easy to get up and running. The window of the program is divided into three panes. In the left panel, you have

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